Crack Repair Service

Cracks in concrete foundation walls are a major problem in North America. But what makes already cast concrete foundation to crack? This process starts immediately after the casting of the concrete and generally continues until the third year. The soil underneath is still movable and it lends itself. Concrete cracking starts from the base, and in almost all cases up to the top of the foundation wall. Once cracked, the wall is an open door for moisture, leaks, mold and unpleasant odors in the basement, and a favorite place for different insects.

According to recent studies the very hazardous gas radon and methane entering through cracked walls can seriously impair the health of the occupants, and are a major cause of cancer. The finished basement is aesthetic, but have you ever asked yourself what can be hidden behind drywall. In an effort to maximize profits builders often overlook filling cracks and finished basement with open cracks. So water and mold undisturbed and hidden act. This leads to higher costs for the family budget, not least in health problems such as respiratory diseases and asthma, especially in children.

When you discover a crack on your concrete foundation basement wall, or water coming from visible crack it's time the problem to be fixed. Polyurethane foam is the perfect way to fill and fix small, medium, and large cracks. The product is very expansible and fills every nook and cranny. If the crack is seeping water, the foam totally stops the leakage. The foam expands between the soil and the concrete wall and makes a waterproof barrier so the water can't find the crack anymore.
Create a healthy environment for you and your family. Repaired crack now saves a lot of money and headaches in the future.

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