What We Do

Who we are?

Experienced and specialized in concrete foundation crack repairs, we offer proven, reliable and custom oriented service at a very competitive price. We are committed to leaving our customers 100% satisfied after the work is completed.

What we do?

Stopping water infiltrating from:
• concrete cracks & joints;
• concrete construction joints & honeycombs;
• seal plates and window frames;
• rod holes & pipe penetration;
All work is guaranteed.

How we do it!

8000 psi high pressure concrete crack injection using two components polyurethane resin is the best method. While there are numerous ways to temporarily patch cracks, to get a permanent repair you must do two things: stop moisture penetration from the outside and eliminate or accommodate any wall movement. High pressure injections are done from inside the basement. The procedure will fill the crack from front to back and bottom to top thus completely sealing the crack. In addition, when using polyurethane foam, you will fill any void behind the crack.

A two part liquid resin is allowed to flow under high pressure into the concrete crack in the wall from inside the basement. This resin is introduced into the crack through metal injection ports with rubberized end tied up over the crack. The resin travels all the way through the wall to the outside where the concrete wall meets the dirt. The polymer chemically reacts and then solidifies filling the space within the crack.

Feel free to contact us by email at quote@crackrepairservice.ca or by phone: 647-703-6524 and let us know how we can assist you.

No matter how you call it - we do it!
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